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Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City provides commercial indoor air quality services to any size facility. From a downtown office building, health care facilities, and large industrial plants, we have it covered. We ensure a NADCA Certified A.S.C.S. on every project performed by our team. This allows us to maintain all cleaning methods preformed adhere to the standards and guidelines set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.


  • HVAC System Inspection Services (via Camera, ability to record and narrate)
  • Mechanical cleaning of HVAC Systems
  • Air bag/diffuser cleaning
  • Air handling unit cleaning
  • VAV box cleaning
  • Terminal unit cleaning
  • Roof top unit cleaning
  • Duct liner treatment/restoration/replacement
  • HVAC mold remediation (Ventilation Systems Mold Remediation)
  • Coil Cleaning (Specialty coil cleaning equipment designed for large commercial applications)


Commercial style dryer vents commonly found in laundromats, hotels, health clubs, health care facilities, salons and other commercial applications, will find that the dryer vents build up with lint, dust, and debris very quick.  Often times, we’ve found the dryer vents are in extreme need for cleaning. Without cleaning, they are a safety/fire risk.

  • Large loads – large amounts of lint, dust, and debris
  • Multiple loads per day equates to large amounts of lint building up around the duct walls
  • Debris buildup restricts airflow, and reduces the amount of heat that can be exhausted
  • Debris buildup reduces the efficiency of your equipment, equipment costs more to operate
  • Debris buildup becomes a fire risk for both the facility and its occupants


Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City provides a safe and complete process for cleaning your commercial dryer vents.

1. First, we provide the client with a recorded video inspection, allowing us and the customer to gauge the amount of debris inside the duct.

2. We’ll then provide a detailed method of execution.  Once approved, we’ll clean the duct from the connection point to the exhaust point, utilizing negative pressure and high compressed air agitation devices.

3. Once the cleaning is complete, we’ll provide a final, recorded video inspection of the cleaned duct work, along with a completed closeout report.

As a convenience offering, we are able to set-up annual and biannual inspections/cleanings.


A key aspect of every project is communication between the Client and the Contractor. Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City knows the value of this information, and delivers timely reports on progress, methods, and findings for every project completed by our team.  These reports will often include video or photos of before and after the work is preformed.

Large projects and tight deadlines can be tough to meet for any service provider! Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City is 1 of over 25 National Franchises, this allows us to pull resources from multiple teams to complete any size project within the project timeline!


  • Can you show proof of NADCA Membership, certification, General Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation?

    Yes, Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City will gladly provide a copy of all this with our proposal per request.

  • Can you provide references for projects of similar size and scope?

    Yes, we have a large list of facilities that we currently work with, or have recently performed work for. Per request we can provide them as a reference.

  • Do you handle mold or other biological contamination inside the HVAC System and(or) Ductwork?

    Yes, all lead technicians at Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City are Certified ASCS/VSMR (Ventilation Systems Mold Remediator) through the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. These projects may require additional inspections and services outside of a standard air duct cleaning process.

  • How will I know the progress of the project?

    Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City provides ongoing project communication. We can easily provide daily, weekly, or even monthly progress updates on each project. These reports will contain what work has been performed, how it has been performed, and photo documentation of before and after.

  • Can your work be performed at night or on the Weekends?

    We fully understand your hotel, office, store, hospital, plant, etc. has staff and clients daily. Having the air ducts cleaned in the middle of the week could greatly interrupt the flow of business. We can accommodate any schedule needed, even nights and weekends.

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