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What is all the NADCA stuff about?

What is all the NADCA stuff about?

As you look through the Duct Doctor USA of Kansas City’s website, you see the few acronyms over and over…N.A.D.C.A., A.S.C.S., V.S.M.R. But, what do they mean and why are they important?

Let’s start with the first one, N.A.D.C.A…

N.A.D.C.A stands for the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and is a worldwide leading organization on all things dealing with HVAC Systems Cleaning. Since their first meeting right here in KC, back in 1989, they’ve been improving our industry, developing certifications, producing break through research papers, and creating a standard for HVAC System Cleaning in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Healthcare settings. Not to mention, the number of continuing education workshops, webinars, and annual meetings that are put on by N.A.D.C.A.

As a N.A.D.C.A Member, we attend these annual meetings, watch the webinars, review new research, and participate in this organization.  Our biggest takeaway from N.A.D.C.A is the Standards they set for HVAC Systems Cleaning. It’s this standard we follow and adhere to each time we send a team out. If they’re in your home, business, or office, they are following the N.A.D.C.A Standard! One of the main guidelines of the Standard is a Source Removal Process, which explains our big trucks! Our powerful proprietary truck system is the focal point of our negative pressure, which is removing all the dust, debris, and whatever else may be inside the ducts at the time of a cleaning.

Which leads us to the next set of acronyms. Our Lead Techs are in the field and on the ground performing these air duct cleanings in homes, offices, and other sensitive areas. And sure, we could tell them how to follow the standards, and send them out, but we exceed expectations here at DDUSAKC.  We send every one of our Lead Technicians through the process of getting A.S.C.S/V.S.M.R Certified though the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

This investment provides piece of mind to Homeowners, Property Managers, and Facility Managers when our teams arrive. Our Lead Technicians are certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist and Ventilation Systems Mold Remediators. They have been trained and certified in cleaning and handling the sensitive components that make up an air conveyance system, and have the knowledge to properly clean and treat them. One of our key standard operating procedures at DDUSAKC, is that there is a Certified Lead Technician on every job site performed by our team!

By being a member of N.A.D.C.A and having multiple certified A.S.C.S on staff, we ensure a proper and professional air duct cleaning that will greatly reduce the amount of dust and debris in your home or workplace.  This creates a more enjoyable and healthy atmosphere! This isn’t just air duct cleaning, this is air duct cleaning done right!

National Air Duct Cleaners Association (Visit Website)
History of NADCA

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